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Sport Heat Pack
Sport Heat Pack
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        Sport Heat Pack
           Great for knees 
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neck Heat Pack

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Instant Bio-Pack!
"The Reusable Instant Heat Pack"
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The Reusable Instant Heat Pack

As a hot pack:
To activate the Instant Bio-Pack heat pack simply click the floating disc found within the pack.
The contents of the pack will start to crystallize and heat up to 54 degrees Celsius.
Then massage and squeeze the pack until it becomes soft.
Depending on the size of the heat pack, ambient temperature and insulation of the heat pack, the packs will last between 30 minutes and 2 hours.

As a cold pack:
To use the Instant Bio-pack as a cold pack refrigerate for approximately 1 hour.
Do not freeze.
Apply to area you desire to treat as you would a conventional cold pack.

Submerge the pack into boiling water (in a pot or saucepan) for 5-15 minutes.
If crystallization still occurs, re-boil until clear then allow to cool to room temperature.
Do not use a microwave oven to heat the packs as it will cause them to explode, rendering them useless for future usage.

When just boiled do not place directly on the skin. High temperatures can burn.

To ensure that the Instant Bio-Pack is not damaged during the boiling phase, place a tea towel at the bottom of the pot. This will stop the pack from coming into contact with the bottom of the pot, which is significantly hotter than the boiling water, thus ensuring that the pack is not damaged. 

How To Use Heat Pack

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Heat Pack Products

Neck Heat Pack
Great for Neck
and Shoulder...